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Our Goal is to Help You Understand Annuities.  

Planning for your financial security during retirement can be difficult. aims to simplify the complex world of annuities and help you make informed choices for yourself and your family.

What Are Annuities?

Today, with people living longer life spans, the potential for spending 20 or more years in retirement is very real. Yet, in order to do so more comfortably, it is beneficial to know that you will have a regular income for as long as you need it. An annuity can help you to solve this financial need.

In its most basic sense, an annuity is defined as being a financial vehicle that is designed to pay out a sum of money to an individual (or more than one individual) over a period of time. The term "annuity" actually evolved from the Latin word "annua," which refers to "a lump sum payment in exchange for an income stream that lasts for life."

An annuity represents a contract between an individual and an insurance company, where the insurance company is obligated to make a series of payments to an individual(s), who is referred to as the annuitant.

The Benefits of Annuities

Annuities can offer a variety of benefits. For instance, depending on the type of annuity, these financial vehicles can offer growth, safety, guaranteed income, and in some cases even a death benefit if the annuity holder should pass away.

Annuities can be structured in a number of different ways in terms of how they are funded, as well as in how - and for how long - they pay out income to the annuitant. This can provide a great deal of flexibility for meeting specific needs.

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